Community Rule

Community Rule

While not considered core doctrines, the Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship (NRF) community has set forth a set of principles and rules, in no particular order of precedent, to assist governing the assembly and maintaining peace and order.

Handling Offenses

When an offense arises between two (or more) members, the offended party will be implored to go privately to the offender first and foremost. Should there continue to be no resolution, the offended party will then seek assistance from NRF Leadership. This process is outlined in Matthew 18:15-17.

No Agendas

We encourage people to come to oneg with study topics and discussion points. We love discussing Scripture, theology, life, and more. However, NRF is a fellowship community; it is not a place to seek to recruit others for one's own selfish purposes. Everyone must remain respectful of others, and not try to peddle their pet doctrines or win "converts" to their unique perspectives. We do not expect everyone to agree about everything, but we do expect everyone to respect each other.


We do not condone nor permit polygamy to be practiced in the congregation.

We affirm marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman (with divorce allowable on Biblical grounds).

Standards of Dress

All people - men, women, and children - should be dressed appropriately for the time and setting. This does not mean we enforce a dress code. However, as we come together on the Sabbath to worship the Creator, to assemble on His appointed times, and/or to assemble together corporately for any and all other purposes, all persons should take personal care that their attire is modest and appropriate. We want everyone to feel respected as fellow brothers and sisters in Messiah.

Congregational Leadership Authority

NRF Leadership does not presume to exercise authority over individual households of its members. We believe it is absolutely necessary that the private boundaries of families be respected and honored. However, in times where there is an egregious sin taking place among the assembly (such as a member in adultery, committing crimes, or otherwise exhibiting harmful and abusive behaviors) the leadership will approach that person in accordance with Matthew 18 and Galatians 6:1. We seek not simply condemnation, but first and foremost repentance and restoration. Should the situation go without resolution, is is possible that the offending party be required to leave the congregation.