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Visiting NRF

Planning to come visit us? We're always happy to receive visitors!

We meet at 1826 SE Dalton Pike, Cleveland TN, 37311. We meet in the sanctuary of the Church of God at Jerusalem Acres building at 3pm on Sabbath.

Our services are typically about two (2) hours long, between the worship and liturgical portion as well as the teaching / preaching portion. After the end of the teaching, there is oftentimes a short midrash period where people may ask questions for clarity, or make comments. Even in the cases where there is not a discussion, please continue to ask questions and partake in discussion after the service during oneg (meal) time.

The music can be somewhat diverse, ranging from older traditional Christian songs, to some more contemporary music, but is primarily Messianic Jewish. The liturgy is typical Hebrew and English liturgy found in most Messianic Synagogues and other Torah Observant congregations. We recite the Shema, Ma Tovu, and Mikamocha, in both Hebrew and English. We perform the liturgy corporately together.

We have a nursery with our Shabbat school class. Children 4 and under may go to the nursery, while children 5 to 10 have a Shabbat school lesson and activity.

While we do not have a dress code, we ask that everyone (men, women, and children) dress appropriately for the Sabbath day. For men, this may mean a suit and tie, or khakis and a polo. For women, it may mean a dress, or blue jeans and a blouse. We want all the families that gather with us to feel comfortable and respected.


We have oneg (fellowship potluck-style meal) every week. We meet in the main building for service, and then have our meal together at the fellowship hall (the building shaped like a Star of David). If you are bringing food to share and it needs to be kept refrigerated, you may park at the fellowship hall first and drop off food there in the kitchen, before proceeding down to the sanctuary.

We provide drinks such as water, lemonade, and tea each week, and we also provide the plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery.

Most people bring meals prepared in Crock Pots, but we do have access to a microwave as well as two ovens and ranges, should something need to be heated. If you're planning to bring food, we normally feed about 8 families (most of which include multiple children). We do require all dishes to be Biblically clean (no pork, shellfish, etc.), but do not require they be Rabbinically kosher (such as no mixing of meat and dairy). Even if you are unable to bring a dish, we invite you to join us in fellowship regardless.

We recognize some people do not heat food in any way on Shabbat, and we respect that. We do not have a policy of prohibiting those that bring food to be heated / warmed, however.

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